Mustang Motorcycle Seats One-Piece Fastback Seat - Harley-Davidson FXR User Manual

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Mounting of Mustang Seat- Seat & Nose Bracket Option

1. Bolt Mustang Nose Bracket, Part #75080 (sold separately), to rear mounting

holes on the fuel tank.

2. Engage nose tab into the nose bracket.

3. Secure one-piece seat with stock rear fender screw

Enjoy the Comfort of your new Mustang Seat!

Mounting of Mustang Seat- OEM Hinge and Latch Option

1. Mount OEM hinge and latch system to bottom of Mustang one-piece seat.

2. Secure one-piece seat with stock fender screw

Updated 10/14/10 AA

Mounting Suggestions: Harley-Davidson® FXR 1982-94 & 1999-00 One-Piece Seat continued
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Refers to part numbers: 75158, 75445, 75313, 75743, 75305, 75505, 75736