Mustang Motorcycle Seats Studded Recessed Rear Seat, 13.5" wide, Black Studs Harley-Davidson FLHR User Manual

Mustang Motorcycle Seats For motorcycles

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These steps are guidelines to help you install your new Mustang product. If you need
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Mounting Suggestions:

Harley-Davidson® Road King 1994-96

Passenger Seat

Baseplate Features:
Rear seats are built on 16 gauge formed steel baseplates and
feature carpet and rubber bumpers to protect the fender. Rear
seats have two slots in the baseplate and a chrome rear
mounting tab.

Removal of Stock Passenger Seat

1. Remove rear fender screw.

2. Slide rear seat back and up.

Mounting of Mustang Passenger Seat

1. Front of baseplate is slotted and engages into the shoulder bolts at the rear of the solo seat.

2. Secure with stock fender screw.

Enjoy the Comfort of your new Mustang Seat!