QTech Data Systems Intermax Cellular Modem User Manual

Intermax cellular modem installation guide, Using the intermax for sms direct operation

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Document v1.2 Nov 2011

Intermax Cellular Modem Installation Guide

Thank you for purchasing the Intermax modem. Please following steps will guide you
through the hardware installation processes.
Before installing, we recommend that you confirm your SIM card is enabled by
checking it is both enabled and operational in a regular cellular phone.

1. Pressing the yellow button on the side of the modem will release the SIM card

tray. Note that this requires a bit of force before the tray will pop out.

2. Insert the SIM card from your chosen provider and reinsert the SIM card tray with

the SIM card facing the base of the modem.

3. Attach the provided antenna
4. Before connecting the modem to your computer you must install the driver

from the provided CD. Insert the provided CD and navigate to the

fold and then run EM770W Driver Setup.exe

5. Follow the simple installation steps.
6. Finally connect the modem to the PC using the provided mini USB cable.

The modem is now connected to a virtual serial port. The port number for this can be
found from within the Device Manager, in this example it has installed as COM19.

Using the Intermax for SMS Direct Operation

Explore the DATRAN server and double click the “SMS Direct” application.
Key configuration for the Intermax is under the “Modem Settings” tab:
Modem Type


Com Port

As shown in device manager, eg COM19

Port Settings


Call Centre

Select the applicable number for your GSM Telco provider.

New Zealand Vodafone: +6421600600 Australia Vodafone: +61415011501
New Zealand Telecom: +64277439010 New Zealand 2 Degrees: +64220227672

Please refer to the DATRAN VI help for specific configuration for SMS Direct.