Ultimate Support GS-100 User Manual

Genesis series, Gs-1000, Gs-100

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warranty information

Ultimate Support Systems offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on GS-1000 (#16538)
and GS-100 (#13710). For Full Details, Exclusions and Limitations as well as information
on Obtaining Warranty Service, please see full warranty details available online at

To purchase the Ultimate Protection Plus Premium Service and Support Plan,
please visit www.ultimatesupport.com or call customer support at

800 - 525 -5628

for more information.

warranty registration

Visit www.ultimatesupport.com for a quick and convenient process for registering your
new Ultimate Support product. Warranty Registration and Proof of Purchase are required for
warranty fulfilment. Full Limited Lifetime Warranty and Ultimate Protection Plus Premium
Service and Support Plan details are available online under Music Gear & Instrument
Stands / Customer Support.

please note

Vintage instruments and instruments with a nitrocellulose lacquer finish require special
care. Sweat, heat, sunlight, environmental pollutants, nitrocellulose and age can create
chemical reactions that can not be tested or predicted. At Ultimate Support we care about
your instrument and strongly caution against any guitar stand being used for long-term
instrument storage.



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