SM Pro Audio MC01: Studio Condenser Microphone User Manual

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Operational Manual

- SM MC01 Condenser Microphone -

Version 1.1

Welcome, and thank you very much for expressing your confidence in SM Pro

Audio products by purchasing this microphone. The SM MC01 large diaphragm

condenser microphone has been designed to be used as a standard tool for

home/pro studios. With much experience in the audio industry over a long

period of time, and along with valuable suggestions from our customers, our

engineers have developed a microphone we know you will be satisfied with.

We guarantee you uncompromising quality as well as excellent technical and

audio properties at an extremely affordable price.


SM ProAudio


The SM MC01 large diaphragm professional condenser microphone is designed

for use in studios, concert halls, and broadcast applications. They are well-

known for their wide frequency response, smooth response curve, large

dynamic range, and low distortion.

The combination of tapered low end and upper presence rise really lends the

SM MC01 to vocals, however you will find the microphone equally well suited

to many other applications including acoustic guitar etc.

Featuring our precision 1" Gold Sputtered Diaphragm, discrete Class A FET

electronics with transformer coupled balanced output, -10dB PAD, -10dB

100Hz Bass roll-off, the SM MC01 will find a place in any studio.

User's Guide


Connect the microphone using a standard XLR microphone cable.

Please note - Phantom power is required for this condenser micro

phone. Your mixer or microphone pre-amp must have phantom power

enabled for the microphone to operate.


The direction of the operational polar patterns is in relation to the front

face of the microphone. The front face can be identified as the side

that has a small polar pattern logo and the bass roll-off and PAD

switches present. Point this face of the microphone towards the direc

tion of the source of the sound.


If you need to cut the input sensitivity, please use the -10dB PAD

switch provided on the right hand side of the front face of the micro



If you need to cut the bass frequency, please use the bass roll-off

switch on the left hand side of the microphone.