SM Pro Audio CT-2: Cable tester User Manual

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Operational Manual

- CT2 - Cable Tester -

Version 1.0 Sept 2006


Dear pro audio enthusiast, thank you and congratulations for choosing the CT2 Cable
Tester from SM Pro Audio.

The CT2 Cable Tester is a multi-format cable test unit intended to quickly analyze a
cables and connectors operational status.

As with all SM Pro Audio products, in developing the CT2 Cable Tester we paid special
attention to achieving optimal performance and functionality whilst maintaining an afford-
able pricing solution. We know you will enjoy continuing reliability and performance from
your CT2.

SM ProAudio


1. Introduction
1.1 The purpose of the CT2 Cable Tester
2. Cable Connection Options
2.1 Available connections
3. Application & Operation
3.1 ‘9 Volt’ battery power
(Battery not included)
3.2 General operation proceedure
3.3 Connector pin assignments
3.4 LED indicators & rotary dial selector
4. Specifications



We all know how frustrating and time consuming it can be when your audio cables fail.
With the CT2 cable testing unit you can now evaluate a large variety of your cables with
ease. The CT2 offers many common connectors such as Speakon, XLR, Phono, BNC,
DIN, TRS, TS, DMX, & Banana. The CT2 allows for testing cables even with different
connectors at each end. For example, it is simple to test a TRS to XLR cable. With well
illuminated LED indicators and a simple rotary dial, users can quickly establish wether a
cable is wired and functioning correctly, or if it is ‘dead’ and in need of repair.