Swimming pool tips, Start-up and yearly maintenance – King Technology Prevail System User Manual

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• Make sure the pool has
adequate circulation. The
pool water must completely
circulate through the pump
and filter at least 1 to 2
times per day. This
ususally requires 8 to 12
hours. Check with your
dealer for the proper
circulation time for your

Swimming Pool Tips

Start-up and Yearly Maintenance

Water Balance Guidelines


7.2 – 7.8

Total Alkalinity:

60 – 120 ppm

Calcium Hardness:

150 – 400

Total Dissolved Solids:



20 – 80 ppm

Free Chlorine:

1.0 – 3.0 ppm

• Before beginning with any pool care program, you must
first balance your pool water. Take a water sample to your
local pool professional or use a complete test kit that will
test for the following important elements

• If your fill water is high in metals, use a sequestering
agent or metal out at start-up only before inserting a Pac.
See your local dealer for details on using these products
and always follow manufacturer’s directions carefully.

• Check the pool's filter gauge
often and periodically clean
filter per the manufacturer's
directions. A dirty filter will slow
the flow of water which could
hamper proper circulation.

• Afer your pool is up and
running smoothly, continue to
test your water for pH, total
alkalinity and chlorine and
maintain its balance by adding
any necessary adjustment
products (see your dealer for