KP Electronic Systems RAN MAN User Manual

Ran-man™ software

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Looking over-not Overlooking

Monitor the Radio System’s Performance

RAN-MAN™ Software

Signal Strength Display and Management for

the LARS™ Radio Network

When dealing with long range radio monitoring systems, you need to know how the
system performs- What is the maximum transmission distance? How many repeaters
are required for the radio coverage of certain area? Is the received signal weak or

The unique built-in Signal Strength Measurements feature allows the LARS™
system to give an immediate answer to all these questions, and many more!

Important Features:

• The RAN-MAN™ -Repeater Display Software – displays and stores the signal

level information from one central station and from up to 15 repeaters.

• The RAN-MAN™ software can generate reports from the internal database,

helping to identify and solve technical problems related to signal levels.