Dings Dynamics Group 70 Series Hazardous Location User Manual

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Check for failure of power supply to brake.
Check brake visually for broken or damaged parts.
Check for broken leadwire or bad electrical connection.
Check for correct voltage. Voltage must correspond to that listed

on brake nameplate. If voltage is more than 10% below figure
stamped on nameplate, magnet will not pull in, causing coil to
burn out within minutes. If voltage is more than 10% above,
coil will overheat and burn out.

Check for burned out coils (coils may be charred or burned).
Check for excessive magnet gap (See WEAR ADJUSTMENT).


Check manual release. Drive gear must be turned completely


Check thermal release. Release may have tripped.
Check brake visually for broken or damaged parts.
Check disc wear (See WEAR ADJUSTMENT).
Check for broken friction disc.
Make certain hub has not shifted position on shaft and that all

rotating discs are fully engaged on hub.


Clean magnet faces if dirty. Insert a clean sheet of paper between

magnet faces and energize brake. Move paper around between
faces to dislodge dirt. Finally, remove paper.

Check that magnet faces are parallel in closed position. If not

parallel along length of magnet, adjust (See WEAR

Check if shading coil is cracked, broken or out of position.
Check for low voltage. Magnet will not pull in and coil will burn

out if voltage is more than 10% below figure stamped on


For NEMA Frames 213TC, 215TC, 254TC, and 256TC.

Adapters available for many other frames.

HEATERS: UL listed heaters available.

VOLTAGES: All standard NEMA 3 phase and single phase

voltages and frequencies available. Other voltages and
frequencies optional. Add suffix “S” to model number to
denote single phase.

TORQUE: 10, 15, 25, 35, 50 and 75 lb. ft. available.


The following information should be furnished with your order for:


Brake Model Number
Part Number from Pages 2, 3, or 4.
Part Description from Pages 2, 3, or 4. (On hub order, bore
diameter & keyway dimensions. On electrical parts, specify
voltage, phase & frequency.)


Model Number
Voltage, Phase & Frequency
Hub Bore & Keyway Dimensions
Mounting - Horizontal or Vertical (If vertical, specify
whether above or below motor. If brake includes foot
mounting bracket or adapter, specify.)

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Seller warrants products manufactured by it and supplied
hereunder to be free from defects in materials and work-
manship under normal use and proper maintenance for a
period of twelve months from date of shipment. If within
such period any such products shall be proved to Seller’s
reasonable satisfaction to be defective, such products shall
be repaired or replaced at Seller’s option Seller’s obligation
and Buyer’s exclusive remedy hereunder shall be limited to
such repair and replacement and shall be conditioned upon
Seller’s receiving written notice of any alleged defect no
later than 10 days after its discovery within the warranty
period and, at Seller’s option, the return of such products to
Seller, f.o.b. its factory, when such return is feasible. Seller
reserves the right to satisfy its warranty obligation in full by
reimbursing Buyer for all payments it makes hereunder, and
Buyer shall thereupon return the products to Seller. Seller
shall have the right to remedy such defects. Seller makes
no warranty with respect to wear or use items, such as belts,
chains, sprockets, discs and coils, all which are sold strictly

The foregoing warranties are exclusive and in lieu
of all other express and implied warranties (except of
title) including but not limited to implied warranties
of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose,
performance, or otherwise,
and in no event shall the
Seller be liable for claims (based upon breach of express
or implied warranty, negligence, product liability, or
otherwise) for any other damages, whether direct, immediate,
incidental, foreseeable, consequential, or special.