Ronan Rigid Scintillation Detector User Manual

Specifications, Ronan rigid scintillation detector

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Ronan employs two types of crystals. Scintillating Plastic Crystals for standard
applications and Sodium Iodide scintillating crystals for ultra low-level fields. Both
types of crystals can be formed to fit the curvature of a vessel…for example, to measure
the spherical bottom of a tank.


• High Detector Efficiency
• Detector Lengths up to 15ft Active Length…Longest in Industry
• Only Company to Manufacture Curved Solid Crystals
• Spring Tension of PM Tube. Maintains Integrity of the Signal Path Under Vibration and

When Detector is Mounted Inverted

• Lowest Gamma Fields in Industry
• Ronan Quality Manufacturing-Backed by a Three Year Limited Warranty

Ronan Rigid Scintillation Detector