Grove Gear E Series Right Angle User Manual

Ironman e series, Class of service

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Electric Motor and Hydraulic Motor and Pump

Installation Instructions

For “C” Flange and Hydraulic Flange Units

1. Check the bore (input) to be sure it contains an adequate amount of anti-sieze compound, which is normally installed at the Factory.

This compound will inhibit fretting corrosion between the motor or pump shaft and the unit bore.

2. Install the key (if round bore) to the maximum depth of the keyway provided in the bore.

3. Align keyways or splines of motor or pump and bore of unit and install motor or pump into frame.

4. Grove Gear “C” flange reducers and Hydraulic Flange Reducers are designed to accept motors with shafts that do

not exceed the maximum specified by the N.E.M.A. or SAE standards. If the motor or pump shaft bottoms out before

the motor or pump flange seats against the reducer flange face, the motor or pump shaft length must be adjusted

to NEMA or SAE standards.

5. For stainless steel and washguard units only, install the o-ring or gasket between the motor and motor flange to prevent water and

debris from seeping in.

6. Secure the motor or pump to the unit. Capscrews and lockwashers are provided with “C” flange units.

7. Tightening torques for mounting bolts are provided in Table 4.

A parts list and print for your drive is available upon request. To obtain the proper parts list and print, you must accurately furnish the

assembly number, model number, ratio, style and shipping code as shown on the metal tag attached to the gear drive.

Class of Service

Load conditions must be within cataloged ratings published in the current Grove Gear Catalog (available upon request). Published ratings

assume lubrication with ISO 460 viscosity grade polyglycol (PAG) oil. Contact Factory for ratings when an alternate lubricant is used.

Operating Positions

Normal Speed Reducer positions are shown in the Mounting Position

Figures (refer to Page 2). For special applications, mounting position

may be inclined. However, if position varies more than 15°, it may

be necessary to make some adaptions to maintain a sufficient oil

level. Contact Factory for recommendations. Input rotation of Speed

Reducers can be either clockwise or counterclockwise.

For safe operation and to continue the unit warranty, when in-

stalling, reinstalling, or replacing a Factory installed fastener for

servicing purpose, or to accommodate the mounting of guards,

shields or other light load imposing devices, or for mounting the

unit, it becomes the responsibility of the purchaser or user to

properly determine the quality, grade of fastener, thread engage-

ment, load carrying capacity, tightening torque, and the means

of torque retention.


Flexible couplings to input and output shafts are recommended

because they minimize bearing and gear wear caused by slight

misalignment. Follow coupling manufacturer’s recommendations

for installation and shielding.

Sheaves and Sprockets

When mounting sheaves or sprockets, the center of the load

should be located as close to the reducer as possible. Excessive

overhung loading could result in early failures of bearing or shaft.

Refer to the general catalog or contact your local distributor for

overhung load ratings. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations

for installation and shielding.

Exterior threaded or through holes on this drive are for mounting

the drive or drive accessories (couplings, sprockets, etc.). They are

not to be used for lifting the drive or any driver/driven equipment.

Inspect shafts and components for paint, burrs, or other imperfec-

tions before installing components. Do not use excessive force or

pounding to install components onto unit shafts, as this may cause

damage to shafts, bearings, or gears.

Shaft Mount Units

The Torque Arm Bracket (4A) can be attached to any of the four

available mounting surface locations of the unit.

Install and position Torque Arm (4) at 90° ± 30° to the plane (a line

drawn) between the center of the output hollow bore and the bolt

that attaches the Torque Arm (4) to the Torque Arm Bracket (4A)

of the unit. The Torque Arm should be positioned to be in tension,

NOT compression, based on output rotation of the gear reducer.

Hollow Output Protective Cover

When installing a hollow output protective cover on washdown

unit, apply a gasket sealant to the face of the cover to prevent

liquid and debris from seeping into the cover.

Excessive setscrew torque may cause damage to the output sleeves

in hollow bore units. Please refer to Table 3 for recommended

tightening torque.

Capscrew Size

Recommended Torque (lb.-in.)

1/4 NC


5/16 NC


3/8 NC


Test run unit to verify operation. If the unit being tested is a

prototype, that unit must be of current production configuration.

Run-In Period

A new unit will not operate at maximum efficiency during the

run-in period. Increased current draw or heat rise may be seen

during this time.

Preventative Maintenance

Keep shafts and vent plug clean to prevent foreign particles from

entering seals or gear case. Inspect periodically for oil leaks.

Mounting bolts, coupling fasteners, and other power transmitting

devices should be routinely checked to ensure that all parts of the

unit are firmly anchored to provide proper operation (loose fas-

teners can cause alignment problems and excessive wear). Check

end play in shafts. Noticeable movement might indicate service

or parts replacement is necessary.

If the unit cannot be located in a clear and dry area with access to

an adequate cooling air supply, then precautions must be taken

to avoid ingestion of contaminants such as water, and to avoid a

reduction of cooling ability due to exterior contaminants.

Important Information

In the event of the resale of this E Series Speed Reducer (unit), in

whatever form, resellers/buyers will include the following language

in a conspicuous place and in a conspicuous manner in a written

agreement covering such sale:

The manufacturer makes no warranty or representations,

express or implied, by operation of law or otherwise, as to

the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of the

goods sold hereunder. Buyer acknowledges that it alone has

determined that the goods purchased hereunder will suitably

meet the requirements of their intended use. In no event will

manufacturer be liable for consequential, incidental, or other


Resellers/buyers agree to include this entire document,

including the warnings and cautions listed herein, in a

conspicuous place and in a conspicuous manner to instruct

users on the safe usage of the product.






Table 3 - Setscrew Tightening Torques

Table 4 - Grade 5 Capscrews

Capscrew Size*

Tightening Torque (ft.-lbs.)

1/4 NC


5/16 NC


3/8 NC


1/2 NC


5/8 NC


3/4 NC


* Grade 5 Capscrews (dry, without lubricant)

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Ironman E Series

Installation, Lubrication and
Maintenance Instructions

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