Yokogawa Wireless Temperature Transmitter YTA510 User Manual

User’s manual, Yta510 temperature transmitters

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Temperature Transmitters

Manual Change No. 13-018

Oct. 1, 2013

Please use the attached sheets for the pages listed below in the following manual.

IM 01C50E01-01EN (6th)

Page and Item

Applicable Item for Change

P. 1-1

Regarding This Manual


P. 2-8

2.9 Low Voltage Directive


P. 10-2

10.1 General Specification


Contents of Change

A. The following safety symbols are used on

the product:

Functional grounding terminal


This symbol indicates that the operator

must refer to an explanation in the user’s

manual in order to avoid the risk of injury

or death of personnel or damage to the


B. Low Voltage Directive

Applicable standard:

EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030
(1) Pollution Degree 2
“Pollution degree” describes the degree

to which a solid, liquid, or gas which

deteriorates dielectric strength or surface

resistivity is adhering. “ 2 “ applies to normal

indoor atmosphere. Normally, only non-

conductive pollution occurs. Occasionally,

however, temporary conductivity caused by

condensation must be expected.

(2) Installation Category I

(Anticipated transient overvoltage 330 V)

“Overvoltage category (Installation

category)” describes a number which defines

a transient overvoltage condition. It implies

the regulation for impulse withstand voltage.

“ I “ applies to electrical equipment which is

supplied from the circuit when appropriate

transient overvoltage control means

(interfaces) are provided.

C. Safety Requirement Standards

EN61010-1, EN61010-2-030

• Altitude of installation site:

Max. 2,000 m above sea level

• Installation category: I

(Anticipated transient overvoltage 330 V)

• Pollution degree: 2

• Indoor/Outdoor use