SABINE FBX 1210 User Manual

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2014 Sabine, Inc.

SeCtIon SIX — troUBleSHootInG tIPS

Q. Can I place the FBX in the mixer’s EQ loop?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I place the unit in the mixer effects loop?

A. Avoid this configuration. You can configure the system this way only if each effects send of each mixer channel is set so that all of

the signal is routed completely through the effects loop. You cannot mix dry signal with effects signal and still control feedback.

Q. The signal input LEDs do not light. The unit will not catch feedback. Why?

A. The unit is not in the signal path. Check the connections. Be sure that the program is interrupted when the input is disconnected

from the back of the unit.

Q. Can I mix balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs?

A. Yes. An unbalanced input and balanced output is compatible. However, a balanced input and unbalanced output will result in a

6 dB loss of dynamic range.

Refer to section 5.3.5. for more details.

Q. Why does one of the FILTER ACTIVITY LEDs blink?

A. The last filter to be automatically updated blinks. During normal operation, the blinking will move from filter to filter as they are

reset. This gives the user a visual confirmation that the unit is responding to new feedback and is functioning properly.

Q. Sometimes during the initial setup, the first filter LED will blink before any feedback has been introduced into the system.


A. The FBX will set a filter if the system has a hum. Check for bad grounds. Try resetting the filters and/or the Ground switch on the

rear panel.

Q. Why does my system sound thin and muffled?

A. Place the FBX in BYPASS MODE. If the system still sounds thin, your problem is probably improper use of a graphic EQ. If the

problem is really the FBX, re-initialize the system and make sure the READY button LED is on steadily.

Q. Why does my program sound clipped and distorted?

A. Make sure you are not in Setup mode. Setup mode turns off automatically after the first dynamic filter is set, or you can turn it off

manually by pressing the READY button. See Section 4.3.3. for information on Setup mode.

Q. Can I patch two FBX channels together for twice the filters?

A. Yes; connect the output of one FBX channel to the input of the other channel. Place the FBX between the output of the mixer

and the input of a power amp, and set up the channels sequentially.

Q. Why doesn't the FBX1210 Series filter feedback immediately?

A. Four possible reasons:

1. Lower frequencies may take longer than higher ones.
2. Check input level of signal at the unit and set gain so the signal level LED's on the unit light up.
3. It may be patched in an "effects loop", not directly in the signal path. This WILL NOT WORK.
4. You may have used all 12 filters. Dynamic filters will continue to operate by notching feedback frequencies as they occur, but

ultimately, gain will exceed filter capacity.

6.0. Frequently Asked Questions