Nematron iPC-Fanless Series with N2800 CPU User Manual

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Document No. DOC-IPC-003,
User Manual iPC-Series & nPC300, Rev B Rel. 12-2013

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Connecting Power to Enclosed (-EN) units:

The enclosed

iPC-Series are powered from 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz only. Because these are stand

alone Type 1 devices and do not require an additional NEMA type enclosure, a different type power connection
is required. These units use a more standard IEC type power cord like found on most computers. There is a
retention clip that can be utilized to help retain the cord from falling out. A US three prong cord is supplied. If
another country connection method is required then an appropriate UL recognized power cord can be chosen
locally (not supplied by Nematron). Optionally available is an IEC type connector that can be directly wired to
for field wiring. This can be ordered separately from Nematron and is part number PWR-AC-EN

Enclosed ePC-Series IEC Power Cable

Power Cable Retention Clip Installed

I/O Cable Management

The iPC-Series units include retention mechanisms for securing USB and HDMI cable connections.

USB and HDMI connections are not secure and can easily fall out. Use of the brackets is suggested for all
applications, and is required for any hazardous locations installations. Simply remove the bracket(s) insert
your USB and/or HDMI cables through the bracket. Connect your cables to the unit and move the bracket into
position. Snugly push the bracket toward the USB and/or HDMI connector and secure with the screws

On the iPC panel mount and Rack Mount units, the USB and HDMI brackets are simple L shaped

brackets with cutouts to retain up to six USB cables and one HDMI connector. On the nPC300 the there are
three pieces; one (flat piece) is secured to the bottom of the unit using two #4-40 screws and then the other
two brackets are the same as on the iPC unis.

nPC300 USB and HDMI Retention Brackets

iPC-Series HDMI & USB Retention Bracket

With HDMI & USB Cables Installed

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