Nature Power 2
Controller (60028) User Manual

Instruction manual

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Instruction Manual

Important! Please read instructions before operating.


Nature Power 28 Amp Charge Controller/ 60028

Electrical: Handles up to 28 Amps = 450 Watts of Solar Power


28 Amp Charge Controller

Safety of persons and property has been given when designing
this product. However, wrong connections may cause damage
to parts or all of the system. For your safety please follow all
regulations during operation.

Installation of this product should be carried out by
qualified personal

Observe manufacturer’s safety procedures when
working around batteries and other electrical

This product is NOT Weatherproof and should be
placed in a well ventilated dry, area, free from
flammable gases, weather, and moister. Prevent any
liquid splatter to the controller, and DO NOT clean
with a wet cloth

Keep away from Children

Keep controller away from direct sunlight, electric
heaters, or high temperature electrical appliances.

Make sure to check rated voltage of solar panel, and
battery loads before connecting charge controller.
Rated voltages should be 12 or 24 Volts.

Confirm gauges of connecting cables must match
requirements of current. If diameter is too small the
cable will overheat and lower output power.

Controller’s input current must be smaller than 28

Connections must be placed in order and ensure that
the positive (+) matches the positive (+) and the
negative (-) matches the negative (-). (Connections are
in Parallel)

Product Description/Features:
Any solar panel that is rated over 12 watts or higher requires the
use of a charge controller. The Charge controller is designed to
protect your 12/24 Volt Gel-Cell or Lead-acid batteries. It
prevents overcharging and discharging of the battery. It also
comes equipped with a built-in blocking diode to avoid reverse
current overnight.

Overload Protection: if the load’s current exceeds the
rated current, the controller will activate protection
mode and lock-up. The LCD display will show “Overload”
until the load’s current drops below 28 Amps.

Short Circuit Protection: if the load short circuits, the
controller will active protection mode and lock-up, the
LCD display will show “Short Circuit”

Low Voltage Protection: if the battery’s voltage drops too
low to charge. The controller will cut off the load and LCD
display will show “Battery Low”

LCD Display: Shows the battery voltage, charging current
and loads’ current in 5 second internals, during operation

Consider the location- ideally within 2 to 5 feet from the battery,
in a well protected dry place, product is designed to be wall
mounted, mount with mounting screws.

Installation Connection:
Step 1
: connect the charge controller to the battery
Use a suitable wire (6 or 8 AWG) *AWG=American Wire Guage
-Connect the wire to the battery positive terminal then to the
charge controller’s “Battery Positive +”
-Use a separate wire, connect the negative battery terminal to
the charge controller’s “Battery Negative –“
Step 2: connect the charge controller to the solar panel
Choose your AWG by the distance you will mount your solar
panel from the battery. We recommend stranded wire. Stranded
wire does not fatigue or loose connections over time. It is best to
attach wires using crimped connectors.
6 Meters > 10 AWG,
9 Meters > 8 AWG,
12 Meters > 6 AWG,

Longer distances are not recommended or loss of current will occur.

-Connect the solar panels red positive wire to the charge
controller’s “Array Positive +”
-Then using a separate wire connect the solar panels black
negative wire to the charge controller’s “Array Negative –“

Additional Holes are to connect Loads. Please see diagram below