USGlobalsat DG-100 Battery Installation Guide User Manual

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DG-100 Data Logger Battery Replacement Instructions

Thank you for your purchase of the DG-100 data logger. Your unit includes two “AA” NiMH rechargeable batteries which will
require charging to bring them to full capacity before using the DG-100. Insert batteries and plug DG-100 into your PC’s USB
port to begin the charging process.

Do Not

replace batteries with alkaline type batteries, as this could possibly damage the

DG-100’s charging circuitry. The status LED will indicate the charge state, please refer to the user manual for details.



The first step is to install the “AA” batteries into the

DG-100 device.

The silver cover on the front needs to be removed to
gain access to the battery compartment.

Simply place thumbs on the edge of cover and apply
only a slight pressure downwards (red arrows) and then
gently slide upward as shown in the green arrows.


Insert the two included “AA” NiHi batteries into the
DG-100 in the orientation as shown to the right.


Once the batteries are in place, the cover can be

Note that the cover has one locking side tab that needs
to be aligned when placed back on the DG-100.

Place cover on DG-100 with locking side tab in slot with
the two clip tabs on the front of the cover also aligned
with the their appropriate slots.


With all tabs carefully aligned, hold the GG-100 as
shown and apply pressure on the bottom of the
cover to slide it and lock it into place.

DO NOT apply excessive pressure or force the cover
on. It should slide easily and if not, please check the
tabs for proper alignment.

Should you require any further assistance in configuring for your DG-100, or have more questions, please review
our FAQ pages as we update frequently: