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Cig-Arrête Weatherproof Master Flame Detector with Voice Sounder (Part No CSA-FDW)

Designed for the detection of unauthorised smoking in external
areas subject to high winds, rapid ventilation, smoke and gas.
Typical applications include open areas, building entry/exit
points, rooms with high ceilings (>3m <6m), or locations sub-
ject to intermittent smoke or vapour.

The module is designed for single applications, and will detect a
25mm cigarette lighter flame at 6 metres within 1 second. When
installed as part of a Cig-Arrête Tobacco Control System, the
CSA-FDW can be connected to Weatherproof Slave Flame Detec-
tion units (CSA-FDWS) to provide complete coverage.

Coverage 6m @120° FOV

Product Features

Designed to detect a flame lighting a cigarette with 120 degree field of view

Fully self-contained, battery operated flame detector with Voice Sounder

Operates from 4 x AA standard alkaline battery with full remote control.



drive system provides clear voice message at 90dB output in alarm

User programmable with any voice message using Windows PC. (up to 100 messages)

Tough, aesthetic, IP54 enclosure

On board relay for connection to remote equipment (contacts rated at 1A 24v dc)

May be remotely powered using an optional 6V power supply (part CSA-006)

The table below shows the coverage area at the installation height.

Height Coverage Height Coverage

Metres (x) Metres (y)

Feet (x)

Feet (y)

1 3.5 3 10

2 7 6 20

3 10 9 31

4 14 12 42

5 17 15 52

6 21 18 62

Typical Applications

Hospital Entrances

Ambulance Bays

Factory Gates

School Shelters