Innotech GenII Converter USB User Manual

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Installation instructions for the GENII Converter USB for Windows XP

1. DO NOT connect the GENII Converter USB before install the software from the ‘Driver and

Tools Disk’.

2. Insert ‘Driver and Tools Disk’ in CD-ROM.
3. If CD-ROM does not AutoStart, navigate to the CD-ROM directory and run Setup.exe.
4. Once ‘Driver and Tools Disk’ is finished installing, remove CD-ROM for drive and connect

GENII Converter USB using USB cable provided.


The device should be automatically detected. A dialog box will appear to proceed with driver

6. Choose ‘Install from a list or specific location.’ and choose ‘Next.’

7. Choose ‘Include this location in the search’ and enter or browse to the following location:

C:\Program Files\Innotech\Drivers\Gen2ConverterUSB

8. Choose ‘Next.’