Setra System Model SRMD User Manual

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2.1 Rough-In (see Fig 2.)

Install the SRMD in a 4 11/16” square electrical box. Run the power and signal
wiring into the box. Two wires are for the 24 VAC/DC power, and two wires are
for each of the signal lines from the field sensors to the display. For example,
the single display version would be 2 wires and the dual display needs 2 wires
for each of the two displays.

Run the wiring to the 24 VAC/DC source and to the sensors that are to be
monitored. The power to the sensors is not supplied by the displays.

2.2 Positioning the Front of the Electrical Box

It is very important that the box be set 1/16” to 1/8” below the finish wall so
that the faceplate will seal against the finished


If possible allow for ad-

justment at the finish stage to set the depth correctly.

Fig. 2