Ultravation Right-Angle ProgressiveMedia Air Cleaner- DC-OH-0225 User Manual

Typical installation of a progressivemedia, Right-angle air cleaner, Homeowner / user guide

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Models Filter Size MERV 11 Replacement Part MERV 13 Replacement Part

90-064 / 90-027 20 x 25 x 5 91-006



The filter media in your air cleaner must be changed periodically. The frequency of
filter replacement is best determined by visual examination. However, a biannual re-
placement of the filter is strongly recommended, more often in areas where dust is
known to be excessive. Replacement filters can be obtained through your installing
contractor or local dealer.

Steps for replacing filter:

1. Open the access door by lifting up on the handle and pulling the bottom of the

door toward you. Then slide the door down, and remove it completely.

2. Tilt the used filter as needed to remove it and discard.

3. Slide new filter into cabinet with arrow on the label pointing in the direction of the

airflow. Seat the new filter into the top and bottom brackets to assure a good seal,

and replace access door.

Air conditioning

The air cleaner should be installed upstream of the cooling coil to keep the coil clean.
This will improve cooling efficiency and reduce air conditioning coil maintenance. Bet-
ter efficiency directly affects energy costs, so it pays to replace the filter at regular in-
tervals (see Maintenence). Conversely, failure to replace the filter wastes energy and it
may cause damage to the HVAC system.

Replacement Filters

For more information on MERV ratings, visit ultravation.com/progressive-air-filtration/

See serial number label inside on the floor of the unit for replacement part numbers.

1-866-GO-UV-AIR (468-8247)

High performance progressive
density filtration for better air
cleaning and long filter life

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Homeowner / User Guide

DC-0H-0225 REV 08-12



Ultravation warrants this product against any defects in material or workmanship for a
period of ten years after date of purchase, with the exception of the disposable media
filter, the ductwork and installation.

This warranty does not include damage to the unit from accident, misuse or improper
installation. If this product should become defective during the warranty period, Ultra-
vation will repair or elect to replace the product free of charge. Ultravation will return re-
paired or replaced warranted products pre-paid, provided that the product was
delivered pre-paid.

Ultravation shall have no responsibilities for charges incurred by the customer for in-
stallation or removal of warranted items. Liability is limited only to the replacement or
repair of this product.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which
vary from state to state. All returns must be accompanied by a return
authorization number, which may be obtained by contacting Ultravation, Inc.

Ultravation, Inc., P.O. Box 165, 212 Ideal Way, Poultney, Vermont 05764

Phone: 802-287-9735 • Fax: 802-287-9203

www.ultravation.com • [email protected]

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Application with a humidifier

ProgressiveMedia™ Air Cleaners are completely compatible with humidifiers. However,
avoid applications where water mist will reach the media. When an evaporative type
humidifier is used, it may be installed between the furnace warm air duct
and the return air duct without affecting the air cleaner. Atomizing and spray type hu-
midifiers should be installed at least six feet between the air cleaner and humidifier.

Models 90-027 90-064

Typical installation of a ProgressiveMedia

Right-Angle Air Cleaner

Installation Requirements

The desired location for installation of an Ultravation® ProgressiveMedia™ Right-Angle
Air Cleaner is in the return air duct next to the blower compartment. In this
location, the blower motor and internal components will be kept clean. By installing the
air cleaner in the return location (upstream from the cooling coils) the HVAC cooling
coils will be kept clean. This increases coil life, improves overall system efficiency and
power usage, and reduces maintenance costs.

Once a ProgressiveMedia™ Air Cleaner is installed, it is very important to maintain the
unit by changing the filter periodically so as not to obstruct airflow, which can damage
components and increase energy costs.

Right-Angle ProgressiveMedia Air Cleaners are designed for installation in highboy
HVAC systems.

The duct opening of this unit is adjustable for either an 8" x 24" duct, 10" x 24" duct or
12" x 24" duct.

To adjust remove the three sheet metal screws on the top, re-position the flange, and

Be sure to plan adequate space for filter replacement.

Do not install this unit in the supply duct. Before installation is complete, seal all joints
and seams with duct tape or caulking. Gasket material included to optimize indoor air
quality (IAQ) performance.

Note: a gasket is provided to seal between the opening on the side of the filtration cab-
inet and the side of the air handler.

Air Cleaner

Return Air Duct

Thank you for purchasing an Ultravation



sional Indoor Air Quality Product




Right-Angle Air Cleaner

Shipping and Packaging List:

• Filter Housing including 2 Access Doors

• MERV-11 or MERV 13 ProgressiveMedia™ Air Filter

• 1- Adjustable top

• 4- 3⁄4 inch 5/16 self tapping sheet metal screws

• 10' x 1⁄2" Installation foam

• Warranty Registration

Introduction and Application

Your Ultravation® ProgressiveMedia™ Air Cleaner is a high efficiency air filtration unit
designed to remove dirt, dust, pollen, and other microscopic particles from the air that
circulates through it. By adding it to your HVAC system, you are creating a cleaner in-
door living environment for your whole household.

The filter works by trapping particles in its pleats and fibers. The filter is layered with
progressively tighter density from the air entry to exit. It captures the largest particles
early and increasingly smaller particles through its thickness. By holding dirt in
its entire thickness and because of its extra large surface area, Ultravation® Progres-
siveMedia™ has extremely high dirt holding capacity, and therefore a very long useful
filter life. Its size and layered construction with minimum air flow restriction
minimizes air flow restriction, enhancing HVAC system efficiency.

This high performance air cleaner is designed to be installed in a forced air heating,
cooling and ventilation system. It should be installed so that all the system air is
circulated through the filter, since it will only filter the air that is circulated through it. For
maximum filtration effect, set your blower to operate continuously.