Ultravation UVS and UVE Remote Lamp - DC-IH-0214 User Manual

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UV Lamp Monitor: (UVS SERIES ONLY)




Visual Alarm




No audible


Solid Red

No Audible

replace lamp within 30 days

Flashing Red

(Every 5 seconds)

Beep every

3 Minutes

Lamp has exceeded 1 yr. of operation, replace lamps and reset

Pulsing Red

(Every 1 second)

Beep every

1 second

UV lamp(s) are not lit (verify if possible)

Please contact your local dealer or Ultravation directly for replacement lamps and batteries
There are NO user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.


Maintenance typically consists of an annual replacement of
the ultraviolet lamps.
UV lamps undergo a photochemical process during
operation. This slowly reduces the amount of UV light
generated to disinfect against airborne pathogens.

When installing new lamps, ensure that the lamp glass is
free from any fingerprints or debris, as this may alter the
path of the UV energy. Use rubbing alcohol and a dry cloth
to remove any surface contaminants.


The Ultravation air disinfection equipment is designed to
provide many years of trouble free operation. In the unlikely
event of a problem, please contact your local dealer or
Ultravation directly. Before calling for service, you should
have your Model No; Serial No; Manufacturing Date;

If you are troubleshooting the unit, check the following:
It is recommended that this unit be installed and
maintained by a trained technician.
Never perform maintenance on the UV unit without
disconnecting power
Verify the unit has power (120-277 volt)
Power switch is in the ON position

Safety interlock switch is depressed by the cover
Lamps are securely plugged into their sockets, no loose
The electronic circuit of a 2-lamp system only operates
when both lamps are operating.
Verify fuses are not blown, visually inspect or perform a
continuity test of the fuse.
Verify what signal if any the UV Lamp Monitor LED is
emitting. (See below).
Check Battery Voltage, should read about 2.8 -3.0 V (UVS
DC lower voltages can cause erratic LED readings
Verify if in fact the UV lamps are on or off. Do not look at
the UV light without proper eye protection.

If possible try new lamps in Unit to see if they light.

If one lamp does not light in a 2 lamp system
neither lamp will light.