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Legal limitations for copying (MFC and DCP only)


Color reproductions of certain documents are illegal and may result in either criminal or civil
liability. The listing below is intended to be a guide rather than a complete listing of every possible
prohibition. In case of doubt, we suggest that you consult with the appropriate authority or advisor
with regard to the specific document. The following documents issued by the United States/
Canadian Government or any of its Agencies, States, Territories or Provineces may not be copied:


Bonds or other certificates of indebtedness

Certificates of Deposit

Internal Revenue Stamps (canceled or uncanceled)

Selective Service or draft papers


United States/Canadian Postage Stamps (canceled or uncanceled)

Food Stamps

Immigration Papers

Checks or drafts drawn by Governmental agencies

Identifying badges or insignias

Licenses and Certificates of Title to motor vehicles, under certain State/Provincial law Coping
copyrighted works may be regulated by Federal, State of local laws. For more
information,consult an appropriate authority or advisor.

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