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After drawing the quilting lines, overlap the backing
fabric, quilt batting and top (patchwork), in order,
and then baste them together.


Prepare quilt batting and backing fabric 3 to 4
cm (1-3/16 to 1-9/16 inches) larger than the
top, overlap the three layers, and then secure
them with pins.

1 Wrong side of fabric
2 Quilt batting
3 Top
4 Pin


From the center to the outside, baste a grid
pattern in the order shown in the illustration.
At the beginning of stitching, make a thread
knot. At the end of stitching, sew a backstitch,
and then cut the thread.

1 Beginning of stitching

2 Backstitch

* When quilting small items, basting pins can

also be used.

6 Basting













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