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The Settings application contains most of
the tools for customizing and configuring
your phone. All of the settings in the Settings
application are described in this section.

To open the Settings application

- From the Home screen, tap the Apps Key

> Settings


- From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key

> Settings.


This menu allows you to manage Wi-Fi and
Bluetooth connections, portable hotspot
and data tethering, airplane mode and VPN


To use Wi-Fi on your phone, you need
access to a wireless access point, or
"hotspot." Some access points are open
and you can simply connect to them.
Others are hidden or implement other
security features, so you must configure
your phone in order to connect to them.

Turn on Wi-Fi

From the Home Screen , open the
Notifications panel and tap

to turn

Wi-Fi on. A blue colored icon indicates
that Wi-Fi is on.

Tap the Menu Key

and tap Settings

> Wi-Fi. Then drag

to the right.

To connect to a Wi-Fi Network
Turn off Wi-Fi when you're not using it to
extend the life of your battery.


From the Home screen, tap the Menu Key

and tap Settings > Wi-Fi.



to the right to turn it on and

begin scanning for available Wi-Fi networks.

- A list of available Wi-Fi networks will

be displayed. Secured networks are
indicated by a lock icon.


Tap a network to connect to it.

- If the network is open, you are prompted

to confirm that you want to connect to
that network by tapping Connect.

- If the network is secured, you are

prompted to enter a password or
other credentials. (Ask your network
administrator for details).


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