GE ZV900SLSS User Manual

Zv900sl ge monogram, 36" glass canopy wall-mounted hood

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Specification Revised 6/11



GE Monogram


36" Glass Canopy Wall-Mounted Hood







This vent hood may be installed onto a wall and vented

to the outdoors, or it can be installed for recirculating

operation. All necessary parts for recirculating operation

are supplied with the hood. No kits required. Must use an

8" round duct.

A decorative duct cover is provided to cover the duct
from the top of the hood to a 7'11" to 9'5" ceiling.

An optional stainless steel duct cover is available for 9'5"
to 10'5" ceiling heights. Order ZX90010 optional duct cover
at the same time as the vent hood and have on site
before installation.

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Dimensions and Installation Information (in inches)

* The supplied duct cover

fits 8 ft. to 9’5" ceiling
heights. Order ZX90010 for
9'5" to 10'5" ceiling heights.

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Dimensions and Clearances:
The vent hood should be installed 24" min. and 30" max.
above the cooking surface. The cooking surface should be at
least 36" above the floor. Installation will be easier if the vent
hood is installed before the range or cooktop/countertop
is installed.

This hood can be installed over a Monogram electric or gas
cooktop. It cannot be installed over a Monogram professional
cooktop or range.

Installation Information: Before installing, consult
installation instructions packed with product or available
on for current dimensional data.

Note: Installation height should be measured from the
cooking surface to the outer glass sides.

24" Min.

30" Max.

36" Min.

The vent hood must be installed 24" min. and 30" max. above
the cooking surface depending on the ceiling height.