GE 24930 GE Universal Remote User Manual

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Using Your Remote, cont.

Controlling Devices with Separate
Power On and Off Buttons

Some GE, RCA and ProScan models require you to
press the device button for more than one second
to turn the device on and the ON•OFF button to turn
the device off.

Controlling Combo Devices

Some Combo devices (e.g. TV/VCR, TV/DVD,
DVD/VCR, etc.) will require you to set up two
different Mode buttons to control both parts of the
Combo device. For example, if you have a TV/DVD
Combo, you might need to set up one code under
the TV button to control the TV part AND a
separate code (under any other Mode button) to
control the DVD part.

VCR/DVD Punch-Through

This remote allows the 6 VCR transport buttons
to Punch-Through control from any Mode
programmed with TV, SAT or Cable codes to the
last VCR, or DVD programmed Mode you used.
This feature will not operate if the programmed TV,
SAT or Cable code has its own VCR transport
button control e.g. a TV Combo, SAT/PVR, etc.

Using Your Remote, cont.

Sleep Function

The Sleep button enables the remote to turn off
your TV after a period of 1 to 99 minutes as shown
below. The remote must be in TV mode to set a
Sleep Timer. This feature works even if your TV
does not have a sleep feature.

1. Press and release the TV device button.

2. Press and hold the Sleep button until the

LED remains lit (about 2-3 seconds).

4. Press and release the

numeric buttons (01-
99) for the time
required. The LED will
blink off to indicate
button press accep-

5. TV Sleep Timer is set.
6. Leave the Remote pointing towards the TV

with an unobstructed path.

To cancel the Sleep Timer, press and hold the
Sleep button until the LED blinks, or press and
release the Power button in TV mode.

3. Release the Sleep button.