GE 98919 GE Multimedia Soundbar User Manual

0 multimedia soundbar

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The Multimedia Soundbar Is designed to enhance your computer system with clear and rich sound. The
Multimedia Soundbar is easy to install and simple to use. Everything you need is included in the box.

• Use as a Soundbar or as Two Separate Speakers
• Power On/Off
• Main Volume Control Knob

System Requirements
• Compatible with Windows


or Mac


• Standard speaker or headphone 3.5mm jack
• USB Port

Converting From 2.0 Speakers to Soundbar
In order to create a soundbar simply place the tops of the speakers together and hidden magnets will hold
the speakers together in this position.

Read and follow all instructions carefully. Turn off power to speakers before installation.

• Position the speakers as a soundbar underneath the computer monitor, or separate them and place on the

left and right side of your computer monitor. If using a CRT (Cathode Ray Tube also know as a Tube Screen)
computer monitor keep the speakers at least four inches from the computer monitor as the hidden
magnets will affect the viewing screen.

• Turn the volume control to the lowest setting on your speakers before connecting the speaker to a USB

port for power.

• Plug the USB Cable into a USB port on your computer. This provides power to the speaker system.
• Next connect the green 3.5mm plug into the speaker or headphone port.
• Slide the power button to the "On" position, the power button is located on the back of the satellite speaker.
• Turn on your computer and adjust the computer volume to a moderate level.
• Adjust the volume on your Multimedia Speakers to a comfortable listening level.


2.0 Multimedia Soundbar