FanAm ICF Inline Series Corrosion Resistant User Manual

Inline corrosive resistant fans, Installation, operation, and maintenance manual, Installation

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This publication contains the installation, operation

and maintenance procedures for standard units of


Inline Corrosive Resistant Fans

Carefully read this publication prior to installation.

Receiving and Inspection

Carefully inspect the fan and accessories for any

damage or shortage upon receiving the fan.

• Turn the wheel by hand to ensure it turns freely and

does not bind.

• Inspect dampers (if included) for free operation of all

moving parts.

• Remove shipping tape.

• Record on the Delivery Receipt any visible sign of



If the fan is stored for any length of time prior to

installation, store it in its original shipping crate and

protect it from

dust, debris and weather.


This unit has rotating parts. Safety precautions should be

exercised at all times during installation, operation, and


ALWAYS disconnect power prior to working on fan.


Disconnect switches are recommended. Place the

disconnect switch near the fan so that the power can

be swiftly cut off in case of an emergency,

and so that maintenance personnel are provided

complete control of the power.


Inline Corrosive Resistant Fans


Electrical Supply

The ICF comes prewired to high speed and a 3 prong power cord is supplied.

Check that the voltage and circuit details on the fan are suitable for your supply.

Caution: Never work on a fan unless power is turned off.


All wiring should be carried out in compliance with regulations for electrical installations and comply with

any local requirements.

Caution: Never work on a fan unless power is turned off.


The direction of rotation, looking into the hub of the blower, is clockwise.


The Inline Corrosive Fans (ICF) are directly mounted into the duct, fixed by clamps or duct tape.

Due to the very low height, the ICF is ideal for use in false ceilings. Six foot three-prong power

cord premounted to fan.

Motor Speeds

The ICF has capabilities of running on 3 speeds depending how it is wired (See wiring diagram).

Fan comes prewired to high-speed.

Corrosion Resistance

The ICF is corrosion resistant. The motor is totally encapsulated in a polypropylene cover.

The ICF is not to be used in an explosive environment.


-Chlorine Applications

-Fume Cabinets