MBRP AD1710 User Manual

MBRP For the car

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For use with MBRP 3” Exhaust Systems

1. Remove the rear reinforcement braces shown in figure one.

(15 mm socket)

2. Remove the front reinforcing brace and retain the hardware for

reinstallation. Note: these parts need to be temporarily removed when
removing the stock exhaust.

3. With the new exhaust installed, reinstall the front reinforcing brace.

Reusing the stock hardware place the Front Spacers between the brace
and the vehicle body.

4. Install the reinforcing braces by reusing the stock hardware except where

the Rear Spacers mount. Install the rear reinforcing braces placing the
Rear Spacers between the brace and the vehicle body. Secure the Rear
using the M10 x 60mm Hex Bolts provided.

Figure 1

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