Introduction, Statement warnings and cautions – XIGMATEK NRP-HC1001 User Manual

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Please take the time in familiarizing yourself with the power supply, its connectors

and the contents of this manual before proceeding with the installation of the

power unit. You will need a Philips crosshead screwdriver, perhaps your PC case

manual and most certainly your motherboard manual.

Should you have any questions regarding the content of the manual, please contact

XIGMATEK directly. Failure to follow the proper procedures may cause severe

bodily harm or PC component damage.


Do not pull the AC power cord when the power supply is in use or the damages

to the components will occur.


Do not store the Power Supply in high humidity and high temperature



When using No Rules Power Cable management power supply under

testing conditions where the power supply unit is not installed in a PC with its

components, please follow the steps below:

•Please take a paper clip and untwist it.

•Make sure the power supply unit is in the “OFF” position.

•Locate the 20+4 pin motherboard connector from the power supply unit.

•Plug one side of the paper clip into the green wire hole.

•Plug the other side of the paper clip into any of the black wire holes.

•Turn on the PSU to see if the power supply fan(s) turn(s) on.


High voltages exist in the power supply. Do not open the power supply case

unless you are an authorized service technician or electrician.


All warrantees and guarantees shall be voided should there be a failure to comply

with any of the warnings and cautions covered in this manual.



Warnings and Cautions



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