Night Owl CAM-DM624-B User Manual

Nightowl dome cameras mounting guide, Mounting the camera

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Nightowl Dome Cameras Mounting Guide

Mounting the Camera:

1. Use either one of the drilling markers, measure and drill holes on the ceiling or wall at the dotted locations. Drill the

center wiring hole if you are running the wires in the walls.

Center Wiring Hole

(if Necessary)

Drilling Marker

Center Wiring Hole

(if Necessary)

Spare Drilling Marker

2. Connect the power and signal connector on the camera to the included cable.

3. Depending on the surface you are mounting your camera on, secure the screws or screws with wall plug to the ceiling or

wall. Please make sure you leave minimum of 1/16 inch between the surface and the tip of the screw to mount the

camera base.

4. Match the three mounting holes on the camera with the screws and turn the camera to secure the camera in place.