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Welcome to Electrix! We would like to thank you for purchasing
Filter Queen, by far the best 'bang for the buck' in Analog High
Order Filters. Filter Queen represents an entirely new concept in
musical electronics, unique in both its ‘hands on’ ease of use and
‘retro-futuristic’ design.

Filter Queen can directly process a wide range of input signal
sources from vinyl to CDs, as well as synthesizers, samplers, gui-
tars, or just about anything else in your rig.

Filter Queen’s digitally controlled Analog filters are modeled after
VCF’s (Voltage Controlled Filters) like those found in traditional
Analog synthesizers. Use the Filter Queen to 'filter sweep' across
the instruments in a mix, or choose a particular instrument or fre-
quency range in the mix to 'highlight and tweak' or 'search and dis-
tort.' The Filter Queen will put realtime control of your sound
back into your hands.

A New Dimension in FX!

Filter Queen is part of a new series of remix tools from Electrix
called the ‘Mods.’ Like the Modular Synthesizers of the 60’s and
70’s, multiple ‘Electrix Mods’ can be racked together to create a
‘hands on’ effects monster.

Filter Queen’s unique industrial design allows it to be used in a 10"
rack mount or as a desktop tool. We’ve even included a joiner

plate to connect two Mod products together to fit in a 19" rack.

The ultra-smooth feel of the knobs and gold plated switch contacts
put the 'Electrix Mods' processors in a class of their own. They are
'Effects Instruments' that have been designed to be 'played live' on
stage and in the studio. Check out the shape!

For maximum flexibility, connect Filter Queen to other members
of the Electrix Mods family. For example, EQ Killer is a great
sounding 'Band Kill' box. The EQ Killer allows you to cut or isolate
the bass, mids, or highs in a track. For even more dramatic effects,
isolated bands are sent to an effects loop - so while the unaffected
bass keep pounding you can put effects on everything else in the
mix - a new song with the flick of your wrist! Also, check out the
Electrix MO-FX for distortion, flanging and delay, or the Electrix
Warp Factory for vocal effects and vocoding.

We want to know what YOU think about the future of Remix, and
we would also like to hear what you can do with Electrix gear.
Please send your DATs, CDs, MDs, vinyl or cassettes to us at the
address on the back page of this manual.

Want to find out more about the Mods or other Electrix products?
Check out our Web site at: http://www.electrixpro.com.
Again, thanks for purchasing Filter Queen. Now get ‘Hands On’
and get creative!