Izzo Golf giant-jr-hitting-net User Manual

Giant/giant jr. hitting net instructions

background image

A. Hitting Target
B. Mesh Base
C. Hitting Net Sleeves (4)
D. Target Holder Rings (2)

E. Anchor Stake Loops (4)
F. Anchor Stake Draw Strings (4)
G. Corner Pin (4)
H. Frame Pole

I. Hitting Net
J. Stakes (6)

giant/giant jr. hitting net Instructions

1. Assemble both Frame Poles by interlocking shock-corded poles.
2. Lay hitting net on the ground with the mesh base facing down.
3. Slide One Frame Pole through the RED marked sleeve of the

hitting net and out through the other side. You should be able to see

both ends of the pole now. Now insert the other Frame Pole through

the BLUE marked sleeve of the hitting net.
4. Insert the Corner Pin into one end of the Frame Pole. (illus. 3)

Go to opposite end of the pole and gradually apply pressure to the

pole forming an arch until you are able to insert the Corner Pin that

is located diagnally from the other end of the Frame Pole. (illus. 3)

You should now have an arch formed.

5. Repeat STEP 4 for the second Frame Pole. Your hitting net should

now look like the images below. (illus. 1 & 2)
6. To anchor the hitting net to the ground push the stakes through all

three Anchor Stake Loops. For added support untie the Anchor Stake

Draw Strings and stake to the ground as shown below. (illus. 1)
7. To install the Hitting Target, thread one end of the string attached

to the target through the Target Holder Ring. Then thread the end

back through the cord lock. (illus. 6) Adjust accordingly for desired

target height.

(Illus. 2)



(Illus. 3)

(Illus. 4)

Front View

Side View

(Illus. 5)

(Illus. 1)

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