Introduction, Cautionary statements, Initial inspection – Campbell Scientific TE525, TE525WS, and TE525MM Texas Electronics Rain Gages User Manual

Page 7: Te525 tipping bucket rain gage

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TE525 Tipping Bucket Rain Gage

1. Introduction

The TE525 is an adaptation of the standard National Weather Service tipping
bucket rain gage. Output is a switch closure for each bucket tip. Three models
are available:

• TE525

6 in. orifice

0.01 in. tip

• TE525WS 8 in. orifice

0.01 in. tip

• TE525MM 24.5 cm orifice 0.1 mm tip

Before installing the TE525, please study:

• Section 2, Cautionary Statements

• Section 3, Initial Inspection

• Section 4, Quickstart

2. Cautionary Statements

• The TE525-series tipping bucket rain gages are precision instruments.

Please handle them with care.

• Care should be taken when opening the package not to damage or cut the

cable jacket.

• Sensor is factory calibrated and should not require field calibration. Refer

to Section 9, Maintenance, for field calibration check and factory

• Debris filters, funnel, and bucket reservoirs should be kept clean.

• The black outer jacket of the cable is Santoprene


rubber. This compound

was chosen for its resistance to temperature extremes, moisture, and UV
degradation. However, this jacket will support combustion in air. It is
rated as slow burning when tested according to U.L. 94 H.B. and will pass
FMVSS302. Local fire codes may preclude its use inside buildings.

3. Initial Inspection

• Upon receipt of the tipping bucket, inspect the packaging and contents for

damage. File damage claims with the shipping company.

• Immediately check package contents against the shipping documentation

(see Section 3.1, Ships With). Contact Campbell Scientific about any

• The model number and cable length are printed on a label at the

connection end of the cable. Check this information against the shipping
documents to ensure the expected product and cable length are received.