Troubleshooting – NewAir Thermoelectric Wine Cooler AW-180E User Manual

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To troubleshoot your wine cooler, follow the suggestions below to address the most common problems
before seeking assistance from a service center:



The wine cooler will not operate.

• The unit may be plugged in using a different voltage.

Also, the circuit breaker may be tripped or there is a
blown fuse.

The wine cooler is not cold

• Check the temperature control settings, as the external

environment may require a higher setting.

• The door may be opened too frequently.
• The door is not closed completely.
• The door seal does not seal properly.
• The wine cooler does not have sufficient clearance.

The light does not work.

• Contact the dealer or an authorized service center.

The wine cooler vibrates while

• Make sure the unit is leveled.

The wine cooler produces a lot of

• The unit may not be leveled.
• Check the fan.

The door will not close properly.

• The unit is not leveled.
• The doors are reversed and not properly installed.
• The seal is weak.
• The shelves are out of position.

The LED display does not work.

• There may be a problem with the main control board.
• There is a PCB problem.
• There is a problem with the plug.

There is an LED display error.

• The display may be weak.
• The temperature point is off.

The buttons do not function.

• The temperature control panel may be damaged.