Spektrum SPM4000C DX4S Addendum User Manual


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Spektrum DX4S • tranSmitter inStruction manual


Firmware update Version 1.1: 4-Wheel Steer and Motor on Axle

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4-Channel 2.4GHz DSMR™ System

4-Wheel Steer Mix

Mix options:

• 4-Wheel Steer
• Front Steer
• Crab Steering
• Rear Steer

1. Scroll to Mixing, then select Steer Mix.
2. Select 4WS.
3. Select Inh, then scroll to activate the 4WS mix on Aux 1

or Aux 2.

4. To inhibit a Mix Option, scroll to the steering option, then

select Inh. When a steering option is inhibited, the switch
ignores the option. All steering options are active by default.

5. Adjust the steering rate for the 4-Wheel Steering options

(4WS and Crab)

The values shown in the 4WS screen are the rear steering

rate values.

For example, “100/100” means the rear steering rate is

100% of the front steering value. “50/50” means the rear
steering rate is 50% of the front steering value in both the
left and right directions.

6. Activate/Deactivate trim (4-Wheel Steering Only)
When Trim is active, the steering trim switch adjusts both the

front and rear steering trim. If Trim is inhibited, the steering
trim button only affects the front steering.

7. Switch: Assign the 4-Wheel Steering Options to a switch.

Each time you move the switch, the 4-Wheel Steering
options appear on the Main Screen.

Steer Mix Screen