Sony NAC-SV10I User Manual

Network audio remote, Features

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ModelName: Network Audio Remote_E

PartNumber: A-DVK-100-12(1)

Network Audio Remote

This document explains how to use Network Audio Remote Ver.1.0.11 and



This controller has a function to control Sony Home Network devices. You can

use this controller to manage Home Network devices manufactured by Sony

that are connected to your home network by wireless LAN.

For example, you can enjoy audio content on a source unit with other devices

on your home network. Also, if you have devices with the PARTY

STREAMING function on your home network, you can also enjoy listening to

audio content on those devices at the same time.


For details on settings for Sony Home Network devices, see

For details on operations for iPhone/iPod touch, go to the Apple web site.

You cannot control non-Sony devices properly in some cases.

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