Silver King SKRCB97H/CFG1 User Manual

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Electrical Connections
Be sure to check the data plate, located on the liner of the cabinet, for required voltage prior to connecting the unit to a power
source. The specifications on the data plate supersede any future discussion.

The standard unit is equipped with an eight (8) foot power cord that requires a 115 Volt, 60 Cycle, 1 Phase properly grounded
electrical receptacle. The power cord comes with a 3 prong plug for grounding purposes. Any attempt to cut off the grounding
spike or to connect to an ungrounded adapter plug will void the warranty, terminate the manufacturers responsibility and could result
in serious injury.

The circuit must be protected with a 15 or 20 ampere fuse or breaker. The unit must be isolated on a circuit and not plugged into an
extension cord.

Initial Start Up:
After satisfying the installation requirements, the unit is ready to start. The unit will start when the power cord is connected to the
required power source. Allow the unit to run a minimum of two hours before loading it with product.

Temperature Control
The ElectronicTemperature Control is located behind the front grill of the unit. To access the temperature control, remove the front
grill (3 screws on left side of grill). To check the temperature control set point, push and release the ‘set’ button on the control and
the display will show the set point temperature. To adjust the set point, push and hold the ‘set’ button for two seconds then push the
up or down arrows to adjust the set point. Either press the ‘set’ button again or wait 10 seconds and the control will store the new
set point. Allow the unit a minimum of one hour to respond to a control setting adjustment.

Your Silver King unit is an automatic defrost unit. No additional plumbing is required. Defrost water is collected in a pan located in
the compressor compartment where it is evaporated into the room air. It is important that the unit be level so the condensate can
drain properly. To initiate a defrost cycle push the top left button (melting snowflake) on the temperature control for two seconds.

Preventative maintenance is minimal although these few steps are very important to continued operation and maximizing the life of
the appliance.

Cabinet Surfaces
Note: the upper surface is not intended for direct contact with food. The cabinets interior and exterior are stainless steel. These
surfaces should be cleaned periodically with a solution of warm water and mild soap. After cleaning the surfaces should be rinsed
with clean water and wiped dry with a soft cloth. Stainless steel cleaners can also be used. Should a surface become stained, do
not attempt to clean with an abrasive cleaner or scouring pad. Use a soft cleanser and rub with the grain of the metal to avoid
scratching the surface. Always rinse well and dry after cleaning. Do not use chlorinated cleaners.

Periodically, dust on the condenser coil must be cleaned. The condenser is located behind the front cover at the right front of the
unit. Remove the front cover by removing the two (2) screws at the left side of the cover and swinging the cover off the cabinet.
The condenser will be exposed. Clean the accumulated dust/debris from the condenser with a vacuum or brush. This will need to
be done regularly to maintain the compressor warranty!

Check to make sure that the casters are installed tightly to the cabinet.




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