Rhin-O-Tuff OD3500 User Manual

Coil inserter module

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Coil Inserter Module

1) Installation Instructions: Diagram 4

Procedure to attach the coil inserter onto the OD 4012 punch

Unplug the main power cord from the OD 4012.
Loosen the safety screw and open the top cover on the OD 4012.
Align the two threaded studs (1) that protrude from the coil inserter option
into the two holes located on the right side of the OD 4012.

Use the two wing nuts provided with the coil inserter to attach the unit. Hand

tighten the two wing nuts.
Attach the paper stop bracket (2) to the right side of the OD 4012 using the
two black thumb knobs (3) provided.
Attach the paper stop (4)
to the paper stop bracket by sliding the square nut

into the slot of the paper stop bracket. This can be positioned and tightened
by the knob (5) at a latter time when setting the guides to the paper.

Use two black thumb knobs (6) to attach the book table / lexan coil guide to

the OD 4012. (The book table / lexan guide has been removed to view the

diagram, see diagram 5b to view the book table / lexan guide in position)

Plug one end of the power cord into the back of the coil option and the other

end into the wall outlet. Both the OD 4012 and the coil option have power

Diagram 4

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