Scene programming, Scene editing, Scene copy – Meteor C192 Controller User Manual

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Channels Dip Switches ON


1 - 16

all off


17 - 32

1, 5


33 - 48

1, 6


49 - 64

1, 5, 6


65 - 80

1, 7


81 - 96

1, 5, 7


97 - 112

1, 6, 7


113 - 128

1, 5, 6, 7


129 - 144

1, 8


145 - 160

1, 5, 8


161 - 176

1, 6, 8


177- 192

1, 5, 6, 8


When addressing your fixtures, use the starting addresses

used in this instruction manual, not the addressing found in your
fixture manual.



1) Press and HOLD PROGRAM BUTTON for three (3)
seconds to activate PROGRAM Mode. The LCD next
to “PROGRAM” blinks. This indicates the Program
has been started.
2) Select the Fixture to program by pressing any or all
the FIXTURE buttons (1 – 12).
3) Adjust / move the Faders / sliders to the desired
output levels for all channels (i.e., color gobo, pan
and tilt, etc.) of the fixture(s) you selected. Press
PAGE SELECT A or B (if the fixture has more then 8
Channels). When selecting from page A or B, you
have to move the sliders to activate the channels.
4) If you have set the fixture to its correct position, color
gobo and you wish to program another fixture –
Press the Scanner button you have just finished
adjusting. This will hold that fixture and its values in
its final configuration. Select another fixture by
pressing the target Scanner Button and proceed to
adjust / set and change to the settings of your liking of
fixture two
5) Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have set the fixture to
its correct position


6) When all the fixtures you want to be programmed are

in there correct position. Press the MIDI / ADD button

7) Select the desired Bank to store scene using the UP and

DOWN bank select button. There are 30 BANKS you can
store up to eight scenes per BANK. For a total of 240

8) Press the SCENE BUTTON (1-8) to store the SCENES.

All LED’s will flash 3 times. The LCD Screen will display the
BANK where your SCENE is stored.

9) Repeat Steps 2-8 to record all your desired SCENES. You
can copy the settings from one Scanner button to another in
case you want to add more fixtures to your show. Just press
and HOLD the SCANNER Button you want to copy. Then
press the Scanner Button (fixture) you want to copy to.
10) To exit PROGRAMMING Mode – Press and HOLD the
PROGRAM button for 3 – 5 seconds.
(When you exit the Programming Mode, the BLACKOUT LE
comes on. Press BLACKOUT Button to disable BLACKOUT
function) Last switch on Bottom right



This function allows you to make changes in an already
programmed scene.

1) Press the PROGRAM button for three seconds to enter the
Program mode.
2) Use the BANK UP and DOWN button to select the bank
that stores the scene you would like to edit.
3) Select the Scene you want to edit by pressing the SCENE
4) Use the faders / sliders to make your changes.

5) Press the MIDI / Add button then followed by the SCENE

Button that corresponds to the scene you selected earlier

(otherwise you might accidentally record over an existing



This function allows you to copy the setting of one scene
to another.

1) Press the PROGRAM button for three seconds to enter the

Program mode.