Mittler Bros Machine & Tool 1200 User Manual

Bump steer gauge

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03-07-08 BRP



Prior to starting any Bump Steer procedure consult your chassis manufacturer or chassis set-up
publication to determine the proper Bump Steer for your race vehicle.

 Place vehicle on jack stands at desired height.

 Remove left front tire/wheel and right front tire/wheel.

 Install Bump Plate on Wheel Hub

 Install small idler arm & roller on left pivot arm.
 Install dial indicator on right pivot arm.

 Place “T” Base under lower “A” frame, with pivot arms laying flat on floor.

 Level “T” Base using adjustment screws at each tube end to center leveling bubble.

 Position bottle jack on “T” frame under lower “A” frame.

 Rotate Pivot arms up until roller & dial indicator contact arm touch Bump Plate.

 Level Bump Plate so dial indicator contact arm & roller bracket align with the same

scribed mark on each side of Bump Plate.

 Compress dial indicator contact arm ½ its travel.

 Rotate dial to zero on dial indicator face.

 Jack suspension to simulate proper front end geometry at ride height.

 NOTE: Always start Bump Steer procedure from this position.