Mittler Bros Machine & Tool 21000 Digital Pyrometer User Manual

Digital pyrometer, Operating instructions

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Digital Pyrometer

Part #21000 & 21100

Operating Instructions:

Select the temperature scale

Readings are displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. When the thermometer is turned on, it is set to the
temperature scale that was in use when the unit was last turned off. To change the temperature scale press the
°C or °F key.

Select the display resolution

The unit allows two choices of resolution:

High resolution: 0.1 °C or 0.1 °F (for measurements below 200°C or 200°F)

Low resolution: 1.0 °C or 1.0 °F

To select the display resolution, press the “1/0.1°” key.

Hold Mode

Press the “Hold” key to enter the data hold mode, and “Hold” is displayed on the screen. When the hold
mode is selected, the thermometer holds the present reading and stops all further measurements.

Pressing the “Hold” key again cancels the hold mode and allows further measurements to be taken.

Min/Max Mode

Press “Min/Max” once to begin recording Min and Max readings. Press “Min/Max” to select Min or Max.
Hold button down for 2 seconds to exit Min/Max function.

Offset Adjustment

The offset control is set at the factory to allow for the variations found in standard thermocouples.

By adjusting the Offset control you can optimize measurement accuracy for a particular thermocouple at a
particular temperature.

Resetting the Offset Control

To return the control to the factory setting without having to recalibrate the unit:

Place the probe into an ice water bath and allow the readings to stabilize.

Slowly adjust the Offset control until the unit reads 0°C or 32°F.

Probe Detector

The red LED will be on when the probe is not inserted into the input of the meter and will turn off after the
probe is inserted.

If the red LED stays on when the probe is attached, the probe is inoperative. (Replace Probe)

Battery Replacement

The battery indicator will illuminate on the LCD display when replacement is needed.

To replace battery:

Remove probe and yellow rubber bumper from unit.

Remove 2 screws from the battery cover on the back of the meter.

Remove battery and replace with a new equivalent 9 volt battery.

Replace battery cover, screws, rubber bumper and probe.