Lenovo Y50-70 User Manual

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Europe — EU Declaration of Conformity

This manual contains regulatory information for the following Lenovo products:
• Lenovo B40-30/N40-30
• Lenovo B40-70/N40-70
• Lenovo B40-45/N40-45
• Lenovo B50-30
• Lenovo B50-30 Touch
• Lenovo

• Lenovo Y40-70
• Lenovo Y40-80
• Lenovo Y50-70
• Lenovo Y50-80
• Lenovo Y50-70 Touch
• Lenovo Y50-80 Touch
• Lenovo Y70-70 Touch
• Lenovo Y70-80 Touch


• Lenovo B50-45/N50-45
• Lenovo B40-80
• Lenovo B50-80
• Lenovo E4030
• Lenovo E4070
• Lenovo E4080

The following wireless modules are supported on Lenovo B40-30/N40-30/B40-70/N40-70/
B50-30/B50-30 Touch/B50-70/N50-70/B4080/B50-80/E4030/E4070/E4080/Y40-70/Y40-80/
Y50-70/Y50-80/Y50-70 Touch/Y50-80 Touch/Y70-70 Touch/Y70-80 Touch:
• 3160NGW
• BCM943142Y
• QCNFA335
• RTL8723BE
• 7260NGW
• BCM94352Z

The following wireless modules are supported on Lenovo B40-45/N40-45/B50-45/N50-45:
• BCM943142Y
• QCNFA335
• RTL8723BE

Products intended for sale within the European Union are marked with the Conformité
Européenne (CE) Marking, which indicates compliance with the applicable Directives and
European Norms, and amendments, identified below.

For model: QCNFA335, RTL8723BE

For model: 7260NGW, 3160NGW

For model: BCM943142Y

For model: BCM94352Z

Rev. AA00

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