Konica Minolta bizhub PRO C500 User Manual

Installation and setup, Printing, Mac os 9

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User Addendum

Fiery S300 50C-KM Color Server, version 2.0

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22 June 2005

Copyright 2005 © Electronics for Imaging, Inc.

This document contains information about Fiery S300 50C-KM Color Server software
version 2.0. Before using Fiery S300 50C-KM Color Server with version 2.0, make a copy of

User Addendum

and distribute it to all users.




This document uses the term “Fiery S300” to refer to the Fiery S300 50C-KM Color


Before printing to the Fiery S300, make sure that user and system software version 2.0 are
installed on the Fiery S300.

Installation and

Installing printer drivers using Point and Print or from the User Software CD

When you install the printer driver using Point and Print or from the User Software CD, the
default setting for print options is different.

Installing the USB dongle for Compose

A USB dongle is required to use the Compose option. For USB dongle activation
information, see the documentation that accompanies the Compose kit.


Custom page sizes on Mac OS 9

When you print custom page sizes, you must correctly set the paper size at the copier. If there
is a mismatch between the requested paper size and the paper size set at the copier, the image
might be truncated.

Custom paper imageable area on Mac OS 9

When you print custom page size jobs from Mac OS 9, the image might be clipped for some
custom paper sizes.

Preview icon for Finishing option

The Preview icon for the Finishing option in the Windows Me printer driver does not display
correctly for the selected Finishing option setting.

Mac OS 9

Mac OS Runtime for Java

To install Fiery S300 utilities on a Mac OS 9 computer, you must install Mac OS Runtime for
Java (MRJ) version 2.2.5 or later in the System Folder. The MRJ can be obtained from the
Mac OS 9 User Software CD or from Apple’s website.

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