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SHARP PV Module - Product Guarantee/Power Output Guarantee – Release April 2012 Page 1 of 3

Guarantee Terms for Photovoltaic Modules Series ND and NU

being purchased by end customers from April 1



Dear SHARP customer,

the Sharp photovoltaic modules series ND and NU that you purchased have been carefully manufactured and
subjected to a final inspection. Should a module nevertheless within the guarantee period have a
manufacturing-related defect in material or workmanship or manufacturing-related loss of power output, then you
can, in addition to the statutory warranty rights that you have against your seller, bring forth claims against Sharp
Electronics (Europe) GmbH (hereinafter "Sharp") from this guarantee subject to the following terms.

Section A: Scope of Guarantee

This guarantee applies only to modules series ND and NU, which were placed into the market by SHARP in the
EU, in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway,
Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey and which have been installed in one of these countries. If there is doubt whether
this guarantee applies to your modules, please contact SHARP. We provide you with the opportunity to have the
modules registered online at, if your SHARP modules have been placed into the
market in the countries listed above.
Please note:

This guarantee does not apply to modules with the type designation SZ-N (...).

Section B: Guarantee Services

SHARP offers two types of guarantee services that you can claim independently of each other:

A 10-year

product guarantee (1) as well as a 25-year power output guarantee (2). We shall demonstrate under (3)
which services are not covered by the guarantees.

1) 10-Year Product Guarantee

Sharp offers you a 10-year product guarantee exclusively on manufacturing-related material and workmanship
defects for the photovoltaic modules series ND and NU.

Commencement of the Guarantee Period

The guarantee period begins on the day on which SHARP or the retailer delivered the module to the end

Services in the Product Guarantee Case

If within the 10-year guarantee period a manufacturing-related material and / or workmanship defect occurs in
one of your modules, then Sharp shall at its own discretion repair free of charge or replace the defective module
with a comparable non-defective module. If the module type under guarantee is no longer manufactured, an
actual and technically compatible module shall be delivered as a replacement.

In addition, SHARP shall in the event of exchange refund the end customer costs for removal and installation of

the modules as follows:

(i) a one-time lump sum of 130 EUR per system as well as
(ii) 20 EUR per module exchanged.

2) 25-Year Power Output Guarantee

In addition to the 10-year product guarantee, Sharp offers you a 25-year power output guarantee on photovoltaic
modules series ND and NU for manufacturing-related power losses of the modules.

Commencement of the Guarantee Period

The guarantee period begins on the day on which SHARP or the retailer delivered the module to the end

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