Caution, Aintenance and care – Bissell 31N1 User Manual

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Upright storage of the

Steam Mop Deluxe with a

wet mop pad may result

in the formation of white

marks on your floor. To

remove the white marks,

clean area with vinegar.


Using distilled or

demineralized water

will maximize the

performance of your filter.


Be sure to use only

a BISSELL water filter

in your Steam Mop


When you're done


Unplug power cord from outlet.


Carefully remove mop pad from swivel head, as

mop pad and lower assembly will be hot.


Any water remaining in the water tank should

be emptied prior to machine storage.


Mop pad can be machine washed in hot water.

Tumble dry on low heat or air dry.


Wrap power cord around quick release cord

wrap on side of Steam Mop Deluxe.


Wipe all surfaces of Steam Mop Deluxe with a

soft cloth. Store upright in a protected, dry area.

NOTE: If steam output is reduced, the nozzle

may be blocked. To remedy, unplug unit,

remove swivel head from lower body and pour

vinegar through center tube of swivel head

“neck”. Clear nozzle by inserting a paper clip

into the brass spray tip located in bottom of

lower body.

Replacing the water purification system

If you fill your Steam Mop Deluxe cleaner with

normal tap water, it is essential to check the water

purification system and replace it when it is no

longer effective. Change the filter when the bright

green grains turn blue. If the filter is not changed at

the appropriate time, calcium deposits will

accumulate on the heating element, causing

damage or reduced performance.
Using distilled or demineralized water will maximize

the performance of your filter.

To order a replacement water purification system

refer to the replacement parts section on page 11.


aintenance and care

Brass Spray Tip

Swivel Head Neck