Jammin Pro Waldorf LE User Manual

Jammin Pro Software

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Additional Installation Instructions for Waldorf Edition LE

1) Go to: http://le.waldorfmusic.de

2) Enter the required information.

3) Click "Get Activation Key"

4) After you successfully enter the data and click "Get Activation Key" you will be taken
to a screen with an activation key and links to download your software (see below).
Please take note of your activation key (it has also been e-mailed to you at the address
you provided in Step #2).

5) Click on the download link for your platform (Windows or Mac).

6) Launch your favorite VST or AU host program and start PPG Wave 2.V or Attack. A
dialog will appear and ask you for your email address and Activation Key.
Enter your email address and your activation key to start using Waldorf Edition LE!