Mueller 12x20 Carport User Manual

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Mueller, Inc. 24 x 24 Carport Instructions




Turn open face of purlin to the center of carport. Align pre-

punched holes in column and purlin (P-1A) and attach with ½"

Hex Head bolts as shown.


Repeat step 1 at all columns as shown in framing details.


Install both cap channels (ER-1) as shown in the framing detail.

End of cap channel should be 4'-6" from center of column.

Making sure the purlins (P-1A) are inserted as deep as possible

into the cap channels. Attach with bolts as shown.


Center purlin (P-1) is installed according to dimensions shown on

drawing, and attached with bolts as shown. Turn open face of

purlin either direction.


Install the high side (P-1) and low side (P-1) purlins with the open

face of purlin pointed towards the center of the carport. Insert

the purlins as far as possible into the cap channel (ER-1) and

flush with the end of cap channel to form and outside corner and

attach with Flat Head bolts as shown.

½" x 1"

Hex Head Bolt

½" x 1"

Flat Head Bolt