Installation removal – Security Chain Co (SCC) Whitestar Alloy User Manual

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The curved portion of the cross
chain hooks should face away

from the tire.

Attach the rubber tensioner to equal
segments of the side chain, as

shown. Make the first connection at about
the “5 o’clock position”, the second at
“11 o’clock” and so on. Hook any excess
side chain with a rubber tensioner hook or
wire tie.

Hook the red end fastener on the
outside side chain to a correspon-

ding link of the side chain at the top of the
tire. Then hook the silver end fastener to the
side chain at the bottom of the tire.

Reach around with both hands
and grasp the ends of the coated

side cable. Pull both ends to the top of the
tire and fasten the inside hook. Be careful
to avoid twists in any part of the chain.

Park the vehicle on solid level
ground. Set the emergency brake.

Lay the chain on the ground with the
smooth side of the hooks face up. The split
side chain should be positioned closest to
you around the bottom of the tire.








Disengage the rubber tightener
and unhook the outside side

chain, then the inside hook fastener.
Reach behind the tire and pull the hoop
apart and off of the tire, so that it is laying
flat on the ground. Then drive off the chain.

Drive vehicle off highway to safe
level ground. Turn off the engine

and set emergency brake. The wheel
should be positioned so that the red
plastic marker is not at the 12 o’clock
positon on the tire.