Installation removal, Close-up of outside fastening system – Security Chain Co (SCC) Super Z Single User Manual

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Park vehicle on firm level ground,
away from traffic and turn off the

engine. Set the emergency brake. Drape
chain over the tire. Make sure that the
smooth side of the crossmember hooks is
against the tire sidewall. The tightener
hooks on the side cable must be on the
outside of the tire (towards you).

Use at least two rubber tensioners per
chain and make sure that the tension-

ers are seated in all hooks. The vehicle may be
driven with no further adjustment

Install the rubber tensioner, always
stretching the tensioner from one hook

to the one farthest from it (use the included
lever tool to make this installation easier.)

At the top of the outside cable, take
the bushing end of the outside split

side cable and thread it through the keyhole
fastener. Grasp the outside cable with both
hands and pull it toward you to create as
much slack as possible. The connect the
bottom fastener. See drawing below.

At the inner sidewall, connect the
inner end fastener (the “split” in the

outside cable can be opened to provide
more space for connection the inside fastener.

Roll onto the chain by moving the
vehicle forward two or three feet

(60-100 cm). Which is the equivalent to 1/4
of a tire revolution.



Drive vehicle off highway to safe level ground. Turn off the
engine and set the parking brake. Remove the rubber
tensioners from the side cable. Unhook the outside and
inside fasteners. Lay the chain on the ground and drive off of
it, taking care not to drive over tensioner hooks. Examine the
chains for damage or worn parts. Dry off and spray with an
all-purpose lubricant. Roll chains together and place back in

Close-up of outside fastening system


All winter traction products will wear out with extended use. They can also break due to misfit, mis-

application or misuse. If this should occur, stop immediately and remove the chain. Care should be taken when

using this product on wheels or wheel covers that protrude outward beyond the sidewall of the tire. Wheel covers should
be removed to prevent possible markings made by rubber tensioners. On vehicles with protruding alloy wheels, other
traction products that do not use a rubber tensioner (such as SCC’s Z-Chain or ladder-style cable products) should be used.
If these cautions are ignored, SCC and it’s distributors are not responsible for injury or vehicle damage.